When Life Throws You Onions

Most of you know that I am a very fit, active, always on the go, independent, self-sufficient woman. Well ALL of that changed last week. Like come to a screeching hault change. So a little history, I had been having really weird symptoms for about a week, in the beginning stages, I didn’t think anything of it. Heartburn that wouldn’t go away then days later, an odd constant inconvenient pain in my abdomen, that turned into UTI symptoms, went away then came back, and finally back pain that felt like gallstones all over again (it wasn’t because I had that removed in 2013). So those symptoms stacked upon each other day after day. Well being the stubborn woman I am, just kept on with life as usual. Saying to myself “I have my yearly appointment on Tuesday, I’ll just bring it up to her.” Tuesday finally comes, I bring the topic up, and she seems a little concerned but nothing out of the unusual. She runs the tests she’s capable of doing, all come back clear. No UTI, no kidney stone, no bladder infection, no cysts, nothing. She then tells me to go check myself into the ER for further GI testing because SOMETHING is going on. So I did just that. Walked my little self across the street to the ER, check myself in. Hours and multiple testings go by and they can’t figure out what’s wrong, except that the only thing they can see is major inflammation on my right side. Let me tell you, when an ER doctor and surgeon don’t know what’s wrong with you after a lot of testing…….you get a little worried. By this time Jordan, my husband is with me. The ER doctor comes in and says “Well, we think it’s your appendix, but we don’t 100% know and we won’t know exactly what’s wrong until we do some exploratory surgery”. I’m sorry, do what? Surgery?…………


So long story short, it was my appendix. It ruptured as soon as he opened me up which lead to a three day stay at Brookwood Hospital. Which I have to say, I had some amazing care! The nurses and staff made it a point to make my stay and care top notch, and that it was, top notch! Anyway, the outpouring of love from family and friends that came afterwards was truly impacting. That people do still care. This surgery was God sent. Not only for my literal life, but my marriage, my pride, my ego, and business. When God is trying to get your attention, He’ll use whatever it takes to shake you, and it did just that. My business was put on hold, I had to cancel appointments which really erked me, because I am such business minded person and wanting my business to flourish. But God had other plans for me. Be still because I’m about to break your spirit, your stubbornness, your attitude. I HAD to depend on someone else doing for me. Even to help me to the bathroom those first few nights because I literally couldn’t do it on my own.

My amazing mother drove from Collinsville to Brookwood (about an hour and a half drive one way) everyday for three days to be with me. My dad who was working in Georgia, came to be by my side the night of my surgery and the next day. My aunt came that night as well. My incredible husband, we hadn’t been on great terms here recently (just being real), stayed at the hospital during the nights and stayed up to comfort me when the pain was too much to bare on my own. They were there. In those moments, I felt like God was telling me this is how I need you, I need you to depend on me, I need you to need me. Let’s be honest here, me and God really hadn’t been on good terms, for more than a year but that’s another blog post for another day, but in the events leading up to my hospital stay, I felt his nudges. The events after the surgery came with even more breaking and realization. Not only learning to trust Him again, but showing my husband that he is needed, that I do rely on him. Two days after I was able to come home, I had a huge bridal show for my business and here I was could barely stand and move around. At every turn, I felt God saying “I got you”. My best friend of nearly 19 years came down from Fort Payne to graciously help me with the show along side my husband. When I say I could not have done it without them, I legit could NOT have done it alone. There again breaking my pride and ego. I could go on and on with this topic……

Even though my surgery was painful, the realization of pride and ego and stubbornness being addressed in me has been more painful……….but oh SO worth it! Because of my willingness to address those painful onions life dealt me, my marriage is healing and other relationships are mending. One thing those damn onions have taught and teaching me is, I’ll take those onions, if it makes me a better person, a better human, a better wife, a better daughter, a better, friend, a better sister, a better …………….. well……….. me.


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