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Any planner can tell you that organization and the small details matter, and yes they matter, but how do they convey them when you’re struggling with seeing the whole picture?

That’s what we do, me and my team create vision boards and design lists so that you can actually see it before it’s in place. Making sure all those small details are squared away and you haven’t left a stone unturned in the planning process. 

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It’s totally cliche to say my wedding planning journey started with my own, but it’s the truth. I didn’t have a great experience, my “planner” made me so mad, and you better believe when I get the chance to redo my wedding, I will!

AMR started out as just an idea, a side hustle, one which I was actually good at, and it has grown from just a side hustle to a full time career that’s filled with joy, happiness, and yes, tears! I get to see my clients on one of their happiest days.

All of the hard work, loooooong hours sitting in front of a computer, the ENDLESS emails, it all comes to fruition the day of the wedding. I’m a visionary, I can see things in place before they are actually there, and when my clients finally get to see what I see, it’s such a joyous occasion! 



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I love spending time in the country, riding horses, 4-wheelers (and getting muddy), gardening and farming. But, I also love my LV bags and a good find at TJMAXX. Oh, and ….. COFFEE! A fun fact not many know, when I was a teenager I used to show horses all over the southeast and won many 1st places! I 1000% grew up a country girl even though it might not show today. I love getting my hands dirty and a hard days work. There’s no tired (not even mom tired) than when you come in and crash from working in the garden. 

The beach…. Need I say more?



If he’s not working his full time job as a HVAC Tech, he will most likely be fishing, on the tractor, or watching football and teaching our little girl all the rules (and who to root for!). Fun fact about him, he’s been literally all over the world when he was in ministry school/college. China, Africa, tons of places in Europe, and Mexico. He’s got some crazy stories! If you notice on his left hand a weird looking scar that looks like a caterpillar, ask him how he got it, you’ll get a good laugh. He’s also very accident prone so please don’t give him sharp objects. 

World Traveler 

Meet Jordan

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Jordan and I met, got engaged, and got married within 1 year and 1 month! 

When you know, you know!


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We have a heart for people who struggle with infertility. We tried for this girl for many, many years. To say our girl is a miracle rainbow baby, is a major understatement. 

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When it comes to your details shots, have all your items in one place/bag. So that when your photographer arrives, they can begin to knock out these pictures quickly which saves so much time if you're not having to look for all your special items.

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It is very important to me that you have a great overall wedding planning experience. That when you look back on your wedding day, you’ll say “we had such a blast, everything went off seamlessly, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing”.

I want that for you because I didn’t have that experience. To be present in the moment and know that all the small details are taken care of. That’s why I plan weddings. It’s totally selfish but seeing my clients so happy on their wedding day, thoroughly enjoying themselves, no planning stress, is just priceless to me. 


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Whether it be a wedding or corporate event, we're here to help you navigate that process. Recommending vendors that best suit your preferences, help manage your budget and of course execute the event on the day of, so that you can relax and actually enjoy your day.

Let's connect over coffee, tea, or something a little stronger, to see if we're a good match for each other!

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