What We Do

We offer three different packages to our brides depending on what exactly you are needing in a planner and what your budget is. We want to make sure you will be getting the best service this industry has to offer, what is worth spending money on and what’s not, even if that means not hiring us. To determine exactly what you need and to see if we will be a good fit for each other, we would love to meet you and treat you to coffee! Here’s a quick glimpse of what we offer.

Packages start at $1000

Sapphire Package
This is the most basic package we offer. This package is designed for brides who have everything under control and just need help the month and day of, as well as directing the rehearsal and ceremony. This is often referred as month and day of management.
Ruby Package
This package is designed for the bride that needs some help in the planning process but doesn’t need full wedding planning. We will share in the planning process so that neither one of us is doing all the work. This is my most popular package.
Diamond Package
This package is for my busy bride who is trying to juggle everything in life while trying to have a life and trying to plan a wedding all at the same time! This option gives the bride choices without having to go and research everything she wants for her big day.

Regardless of what package you choose. Some of the most important advice I can give to any bride is don’t go at this alone. Your family, friends and most importantly you, should not be worrying about whether or not the vendors are showing up on time or the color of the linens are correct and nicely pressed. Let us take the worry and stress of the day off you so that you can fully enjoy every moment the day has to offer.