Meet your coordinators!

Together, we make one incredible powerhouse and team to bring you the best this industry has to offer! Not only do we have a passion for weddings in general, we have a passion for marriage!


Amanda Robbins

Amanda’s passion for weddings began like most all little girls dreaming of their big day when they get to walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams. When it was her time, it was just as she dreamed except it really didn’t go as “planned”. Frustrated and heartbroken over the fact that her … Continue reading Amanda Robbins

Jordan Robbins

Not only is Jordan Amanda’s right hand man in life, but also in business.  He mainly carries the title of ‘the muscle’ in the business but has proven himself as a coordinator as well.  His love for being very timely is a coveted quality in our business and industry. When Jordan isn’t working his full-time job … Continue reading Jordan Robbins